10 Accelerated Learning (AL) Methodologies That Make Sales Training Stick

We are interested in the achieving the following individual sales training outcomes in the shortest time possible:

(I) Improved Learning Outcomes and Increased Competence;
a. Retention to fluency (Mastery*),
b. Behavior change through accountable reinforcement,
c. Improved application,
d. Advanced individual performance and
e. Advanced organization performance.

  • You will ensure that every person reaches true mastery in the shortest amount of time. Mastery produces people who have the adaptive reasoning skills required to effectively apply knowledge to new situations.

The $64,000 question is: Out of all the Accelerated learning (AL) methodologies available, which one(s) will deliver the best individual sales transfer results in the shortest time possible?

The best learning, transfer and individual performance improvement results will come from training programs that include these learner focused, accelerated learning components. By using these AL methodologies, each learner will be presented the information in an optimized way, which ensures that your critical sales information will be individually learned to mastery (fluency).

“Accelerated learning” utilizes participant focused, research based, learning methodologies, that empower individual participants to learn, remember and apply critical information more effectively and efficiently.

In sales, this is the means to bettered individual transfer. This results from: a. participants learning new information to fluency, b. individuals successfully and appropriately applying the information, with appropriate coaching reinforcement, over time, c. individuals changing behaviors to best practices and d., individuals improving personal performance.

Here are the 10 core components of accelerated learning methodology, which if included in a sales training initiative, will accelerate and solidify individual learning transfer and result in advanced individual sales performance improvement:

1. Knowledge about the Human Brain

AL includes the research based, best practices, for individual learning to mastery

  • One to one delivery
  • Learning to individual fluency
  • Individual coaching and best practices reinforcement over time

2. Emotional State

AL focuses upon promoting positive mindsets in each participant

3. The Learning Environment

AL focuses upon a positive, participant, learning environment that is inviting for learners to experiment discover and learn.

4. The Role of Music and the Arts

Music creates emotional engagement and memorability. It can be a positive educational tool in conjunction with AL.

5. Personal Motivation

Al promotes individual self-confidence, intrinsic motivation and personal expectations.

6. Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles

AL theory includes these individual differences.

(Editorial comment: There is divergence in the learning community specific to the individual impact on learning that these elements have]

7. Imagination/Metaphors

AL uses these items to support individual learning and to make it more memorable.

8. Suggestion/De-Suggestion

In AL the facilitator pays attention to each individual and supports him and her to move beyond their personal limitations

9. Team Learning and Cooperation

The sharing of learning reinforces individual learning and group results

10. Improvement and Results

Individual learning expectations must be clearly defined and shared with participants.

  • Participants must understand how they will individually benefit
  • Facilitators must be able to measure individual progress and connect that progress to individual and business objectives

Accelerated learning methodologies have empowered learners to accomplish more in less time.

AL methodologies have delivered the following participants results, all Consistent with your key, organization, business objectives:

  • 11% less study time, 22% less test time and 95% higher test scores
  • Learning was bettered, up to 239%
  • Content Creation was streamlined, up to 50% faster