Adobe Flash CS4 Recertification Exam – 9A0-093 Details and Guidelines

Exam 9A0-093 can be said as one of the certification examinations from Adobe and the name of the examination is Adobe flash CS4 recertification exam. This examination is designed for the candidates for gaining adequate knowledge in usage of tool called Adobe flash CS4. It mainly focuses on adobe flash CS4 software function and its features with regarding creation of attractive animations, movie clips, graphics work and other art works etc. Candidates can hold ACE (Adobe certified expert) certification after successfully completing this examination.

How this certification works best to the candidates?

This certification will suit best to the candidates who wish to use the tool ActionScript 3.0 software for creating animations, movie clips and applications that are related to the Adobe flash CS4 tool. After successful completion of this examination, candidates can enter in to the corporate sector working environments with various job opportunities. Some of the job roles include: system integration, system developer, graphic designer and web designer etc. Regarding the salary, there will be constant growth if candidates show their skills as well as performance.

Exam 9A0-093 objectives and other details:

Registration process for this exam can be done through Pearson VUE centers or in online through the Pearson VUE website. Registration gets confirmed once the exam fee is paid and after the payment has done, scheduling for the exam can be done. Examination comprises of 50 to 55 questions with 90 minutes time duration. Minimum score to pass in this exam is 70%. The following are the exam objectives and they are:

1) Debugger usage
2) Dot syntax notation usage
3) Creating and usage of custom classes
4) Apply filter in the created movie clips and in the web pages/ texts
5) Usage of texts, sounds, button, animation etc effectively.

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